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the Tiger DoBi's - The worlds first Thermo-Forged Carbon Fiber trucks

After 7 long years Tiger is pleased to announce the release of the The worlds first Thermo-Forged Carbon Fiber trucks,the Tiger DoBi.  The DoBi's feature a proprietary blend of high and medium modulus arranged in a folding Biaxial configuration.  The fibers are then compressed in a mold under extreme pressure and precise thermal conditions. Coming in at just under 25 grams per truck, the DoBi's are the strongest, lightest, and most eye-catching of trucks on the market.  

The DoBi's features include:

  • Thermo-Forged carbon Construction 
  • Precision machined Grade15 Titanium Kingpins
  • Precision Sleeved washers
  • 17-4PH heat treated Hollow-Point axles
  • Tiger SuperMeth formula Pivot tubes
  • and are compatible with all of our baseplates

And if you've gotten this far you should know that sadly this was just an overly indulgent APRIL FOOLS prank... for now anyways.

Release date - April 1, 2018

Starting price - $$$$ ... TBD

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